Workplace Training can enhance your workplace culture by promoting engagement, continuous improvement, innovation, collaboration and unity within an organisation. Training also increases employee morale and demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to invest in the development of its people.

Through Strategix Workplace training we offer flexible on-the-job delivery that is tailored to meet the needs of both the individual employee and the broader business. We aim to do this by providing a holistic approach to developing and empowering your people in context of their roles, key organisational trends and need areas, and business objectives.

We also recognise this training needs to be delivered in the context of a corporate culture that contributes to and enhances your workplace and delivery outcomes.

We can deliver targeted courses, clustered short courses, Certificate and Diploma level training, licenses and VOCs. We can provide onsite accredited or non-accredited training for companies in any of the qualifications or subjects we have on our Scope of Registration. Contact us now for a free training needs analysis.

Are you looking for staff? Strategix has a pool of motivated and qualified graduates who are ready for work. We provide our employers with access to these graduates as a free service.

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    Save time and money by having the training at your place of Work.

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    Save time and money by having the training at your place of Work.

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